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Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Grave Information
   Last Name: Horahan    Birth:
   First Name: William    Death: October 3, 1903
   Middle Name: F    Age:
  Civil War Union
  Unit Designation: 1st   Branch: Artillery
   State: New York   Company/Ship: H
   If Federal, State From:   Rank: Private

  Enlisted:   Discharged:
Misc Info:
Cemetery Information:
  Cemetery Name: Union     Lot:
  Cemetery Street: North St.     Section:
  City, Town, Village: Guthrie Center     Grave Number:
  Township: Valley      
  County: Guthrie     GAR Post: Tracy # 52
  State/Country: Iowa     Dept. of: Iowa

  Grave Markers:
    Military Headstone?     Grand Army of the Republic Flag Holder
    Headstone Need Replacing?     Military Order of the Loyal Legion Flag Holder
    Headstone Need Resetting?     Other Flag Holder
    Private Headstone or Family Monument?     Medal of Honor
    No Stone or Marker Found?    
    Cemetery Burial Records Checked?   
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